Kiko Milano Eyeliner & Eye Pencil-Review & Swatches

IMG_0995 copy.jpg

I love to play on with quirky and bold colours on my eyes. There was this one day i was browsing YouTube and found hot pink eyeliner tutorial, Blogger in the video used liquid matte lip creme to go with it, and thats when my search for hot pink eyeliner began. I searched every Sephora, MAC, Inglot and even Lajpat Nagar market in Delhi but unfortunately none had Hot Pink eyeliner. Then I thought maybe internet has a solution and there I found Kiko Milano. I was jumping with joy that after a couple of months for research it is finally going to pay off.

Next day I visited this allegedly India’s largest mall, where I could find Kiko Milano Store and bought my lovely Hot Pink eyeliner along with few more eye pens.

Kiko Milano is relatively new brand in India, and it is so affordable that I was surprised to see the prices. Cherry on the cake they were on sale too.

IMG_0996 copy.jpg


The store was so freaking crowded that i could not pick a lot of products, so I picked couple of eyeliners and eye pencils. These eyeliners are liquid and they dry glossy. Pigmentation is average, I have to apply couple of coats for the colour to stand out. They mark their eyeliner with shade number rather any names, So I got shade #108 and #111.

Packaging is sturdy and good for the price. It comes is a slim coloured plastic tube which represent the shade of eyeliner, with felt tip for easy winging 😉

#108 is my favourite Hot Pink colour with a little shimmer in it and #111 is Charcoal black with shimmer in it. I use #111 on daily basis.

Talking about the wearability, they stay for good 4-5 hours if you don’t rub your eyes frequently, and it peels off easily when you remove it. It does not leave any stain on your eyes like any liquid matte lip creme would.

Price-Rs 553 after 30% discount


I would kinda prefer NYX Vivid Brights over these because of the colours (they are shimmery) and easy peeling. But for the price it is very good deal. Cant complain!

IMG_0999 copy.jpg

Eye Pencils

These eye pencils are same formulation as their lip pencils, just that shades are different. I picked couple of shades #813 and #804.

#813 is a nice Sky Blue colour and it’s completely matte.

#804 is Mauve shade which i picked basically to use as lip pencil, this one is slightly shimmery.

These pencil comes in standard pencil packaging, which you have to sharpen to use. I wish they were in retractable form, I would have used them frequently, But anyway..

There wearability is not over the top, it fades away very easily when used on lips and smudges with one swipe on the eye.


I wouldn’t really recommend these eye pencils whatsoever. But if you are okay with sharpening and does not need longer staying power, it can be a good deal for the price they come.

Price- Rs 190 each


Kiko Milano eyeliner.jpg

From L-R: Eye Pencil #804 & #813, Eye Liner #108 & #111


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