Fake Make Up Products- Budding Industry


Topic about which I am going to write today is of utmost importance to all of us part of beauty community. Fake/Counterfeit make up products. All of us have seen these mobile vendors selling drugstore as well as high end make up products for dirt cheap prices in our local markets like Sarojini Nagar, Greater Kailash or Lajpat Nagar, Of course we have seen many of us buying them too. Where these products may seem pleasing to our pockets but in long run they can cost a fortune. All of us loves make up (That’s why we are here), but we surely don’t want to go back with worrying skin conditions.

China is the largest manufacturer of Fake Make Up products. Ranging from Kylie to Huda Beauty to MAC to even Miss Claire. You will find almost every possible brand under the counterfeit umbrella.

Lately I have been getting a lot of follow requests on Instagram from the sellers who are doing this business online in India. They order products from Chinese websites/vendors and sell them here for decent price. And most of us do buy from them, I did. Yes! I did buy, because their packaging, formulation looks so convincing that you almost lose your mind for a second and fall into this trap. I lost my mind for a second and bought it but trust me I am so scared to use it, never will. These products comes unsealed and hence they are extremely unhygienic to use, they may have tons of bacteria, and I am sure none of us wants to lovingly smudge bacteria all over our eyelids or for that matter swiping it on our lips. Eeeks!

Fake 2.jpg

Studies shown these products have alarming levels of Mercury, lead, arsenic, cyanide and even human urine and rat droppings. Level of toxins in these products has led to severe allergic reactions including skin rashes and disfigurement.

Infact, in 2015 keeping this situation in mind with help of Delhi Police, Hindustan Lever raided famous Sarojini Market in Delhi and arrested mobile vendors selling counterfeit products saying “Custom ka maal hai Madam. Saste mein de denge (We’ve got this from custom, will give it on steep discounts”. They seized all the duplicate products they had.

 What happened next?

After couple of days same vendors were selling same fake products in that very same market.

Where we can hope for our authorities to wake up soon, what all of us can do is to completely banish these products from our lives.

It is better to be bare face than to have allergic reactions following morning. No matter how convincing or real they look DO NOT buy any such product, which makes you question the price it is selling for.


Please keep these points in mind while buying Make Up

  • Is the seller authorized to sell particular brand? (In case of MAC they only sell through their Authorised outlets/website, but recently they tied up with Nykaa.com for online selling in India).
  • Check product packaging for batch number when buying from outlets like Impressions or similar, which are unauthorised.
  • NEVER buy from mobile vendors. They are fake without a doubt.
  • Refrain from using websites like Ebay.com or Amazon.com until and unless you are sure about the credibility of seller. For example Sivanna Colors sells through Amazon.in, they announced this on their official Instagram page.
  • Do not fall trap to “Madam custom/grey ka hai. Sahi laga denge”.

I strongly discourage buying any duplicate product for High-end brands. It is better to use drugstore make up if our pockets does not allow otherwise. No shame about it.

“Issued in public interest” ;P

Stay Cautious Lovelies!


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