Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Face & Neck Sculpting Cream


Hi Ladies,

Today I’ll be reviewing one of the best products from renowned brand Estee Lauder, That is their Resilience Lift Face & Neck Sculpting cream. This was again one of the products I purchased from a US website. Lets dig into the details.


Estee Lauder is renowned for luxury and so does the packaging speaks. This cream comes in a small yet sturdy light pink plastic tub with glossy golden cap. Matching to its outer color cream also has a hint of pink color in it. It smells divine and is of thick consistency. It comes in 2 packs 15ml and 50ml I bought 15ml pack.

IMG_1373 copy.jpg


Estee Lauder is one of the highly priced brands in Indian market. 50ml pack comes for whooping ₹. 6900. I bought 15ml pack for $8.99 from



The product is very thick and creamy. It feels more or less like a cold cream but after application it does not feel very oily and sticky, rather it is very hydrating. My major purpose to try this cream was generous hydration. After winters my skin has become dryer than ever, so I thought I should this one. And it is certainly on point.

IMG_1374 copy.jpg

My Experience

As I said I wanted to try a face cream, which is not oily and yet works on my dry skin, hence I lowered down my search to Hydrating creams and bought this one. Estee Lauder has few more creams in this range (Face cream oil, Eye cream, for dry skin and for all skin types). Also, this has SPF 15 so I don’t really need to use sunscreen, which I believe are again very oily.

Talking about sculpting and firming claims this does not seem to be working at all. I have been using this for a month now but I don’t see any difference in my skin condition. Maybe I should give it more time to work on my skin. I will definitely update this post if I see any results here.


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