Victorias Secret High Shine Serum- Review

It’s time to shine: this weightless serum instantly smooths frizz and flyaways for super-sleek, glossy hair.


Today I will be reviewing Victorias Secret High Shine Serum from their hair care range. I have pretty frizzy hair and after couple of times dying them they became dull too. So, while browsing Victorias Secret website I came across this serum and I purchased it

Price– $14, I purchased it for $10 on discount.


This serum comes in 50 ml packaging. The bottle is small cylindrical and made of good quality plastic. There is a black press on nozzle, which dispenses the product in exact quantity, required, that you can lock simply by twisting it around and it is travel friendly.

Texture & Consistency

Consistency is thick but it spreads on damp hair very smoothly and gives very natural sheen. Texture is watery creamy and does not feel sticky or heavy on hair. It also has a very mild scent that fills in my room whenever I apply this on my hair.

My Experience

As I mentioned above I bought this primarily for my dull hair, Trust me ladies! It makes my hair shiny and soft with just two pumps of products (I have quiet heavy hair, otherwise one pump should be enough). I apply it only on half of the length of my hair and not on scalp. If applied on scalp hair may look a little bit oily, but on ends it gives really pleasant shine. Quantity is enough to last for at least 6 months when used twice a week. Pricewise also it is not expensive at all. I have used it on my colored/rebonded hair too; results are as good as on natural hair.

I love the product over all. You should definitely give it a try. In fact you can directly order this from Victorias Secret website, they ship to India as well.


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