Victoria’s Secret Make it Last Primer & Setting Spray

Today I’ll be reviewing an amazing product for you guys. It is Victoria’s Secret Make It Last Primer & Setting Spray. I am a huge fan on VS products and have tried almost every product they have in line. I grabbed this on from their Macau store. I was looking for nice primers at that time and saw this at Victoria’s. It couldn’t have been better. I picked it up without second thoughts, and now I think should have picked a couple more bottles. It is that AMAZING!!



I bought this in BOGO offer for INR 1200


This comes in a transparent spray bottle with a tag over it representing product name, ingredients and features. It is 120ml in quantity and last for lifetime.


It is a completely colorless- fragrance free liquid with water like consistency. You have to wait for couple of minutes for this to dry completely. I feel it shrinks my pore temporarily because as soon as it dries as primer I can feel my skin stretching a bit, but it gets fine as you start applying make up over it.

 My Experience

This is 2 in 1 spray, which you can use as primer, as well as setting spray. I have used it as a primer alone and it makes my make up application so much smooth for real. Using it as setting spray is even better, after using this my make up stayed for the longest time I could remember. No creasing, No cakey-ness. So now I use it both as primer & setting spray and trust me this works amazing.


I always use to think make up setting sprays are fad, but I am definitely sticking to them now onwards.


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