Victoria’s Secret Love is Heavenly Perfume

All right I accept it, I bought this just because I got awwstruck by how cute it looks. I bet at some point of our lives we all have bought things just because they look pretty but, with this Victoria’s Secret perfume nothing could go wrong, it smells equally divine as it looks. I have almost all fragrances from VS and they are all divine so I ordered this one during their Semi-annual sale. Lets read on to know more about this.



50 ml for INR 4,800/ $52

Product Description

Sensual, alluring and pure. Start a new romance with a light blend of fresh, feminine floral and notes of sugared musk.

  • Fragrance type: Floral
  • Notes: Water lily, mandarin flower and luminous musk



Needless to say more, it looks absolutely stunning. Scent color is light peach and bottle is standard Victoria’s Secret glass one. They have more fragrances in same bottle. This one is transparent and there is a cute net scarf kind of thing wrapped around its neck with light pink ribbon. Brand name and fragrance name is the only thing printed on the bottle. It comes securely packed in a cardboard box.


My Experience

If I had to compare I with VS best selling Bombshell, I’d say Love is Heavenly is more of fresh floral subtle scent. I wear it more during daytime rather night. It smells very light and I feel luxurious while wearing this one. It is very feminine and last almost all day long. I apply my scents on back of my neck and collarbone, and trust me I could smell this at the end of the day too. I would say you can wear this on a Date, or maybe at a Interview where you do not wish to fill the room with scent as soon as you enter.

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