Milani Length in Seconds Lash Extension Fibres

IMG_1402.JPGToday I’ll be reviewing a very interesting product “Lash Extension Fibres” from Milani. I came across this product while browsing and immediately picked it up. My lashes are very thin and sparsely grown and wearing false lashes is not my cup of tea so this product caught my eye and i bought it. Lets dig into how it turned out for me.

Price– $9


It comes in a white mascara tube with black twist closure. The wand is not shaped differently, very simple regular wand. When you open the product you’ll see white fibres on the wand, those are basically nylon fibres.


Product Description

You’re just seconds away from the longest lashes your eyes have ever seen! For a false lash look, apply one coat of your favourite mascara to lashes and then brush Length in Seconds Lash Extension Fibres onto wet lash tips. Top off with a second coat of mascara to seal. Mascara + fibres = lashes with benefits!



1) Prep lashes by applying one coat of your favourite mascara.

2) Before mascara sets, gently pat fibres to tips of lashes only.

3) Set your look by applying a final coat of mascara to seal the fibres in place. Repeat steps until desired length is reached.



My Experience

I usually wear contact lenses when i go out and obviously was going to use this product at that time only. At first when i read DO NO USE WITH CONTACT LENSES, my heart broke a little, That is because these fibres could go into your eyes and stick to your lenses which is going to be super uncomfortable (People who wear lenses, know what I am saying!). But somehow i managed to wear both these things without any problem, however please keep it in mind it is always a risk to do so. It is a must to follow instruction by brand. I did it at my own risk.

One more thing wearing it with lenses may sting your eyes for a very short while, It happened with me when I wore it for the first time after that it didn’t. That is maybe because of DIMETHICONE or PHENOXYETHANOL as ingredient.

My purpose here is NOT to scare you but to give you heads up before you go ahead and buy this product. Also this warning is only for people who wants to wear contact lenses and this fibres together, others just go ahead and buy without second thoughts!

So, Yes product works. It does make my lashes look longer and mascara on top makes them thicker. I would not say it is same as wearing falsies, but close if you want to save the hassle of wearing falsies.I usually apply two coats of fibre and two coats of mascara to achieve desired look.

Talking about wear ability it stayed on until i removed it, so you don’t have to worry all day to redo this.


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