Are you Deep Conditioning or Over Conditioning your Hair?


Yes! Over Conditioning is a thing. All this while I thought conditioners are the best friends for my hair, but no they were more like “Frienemy”. I am religiously using conditioners since I was 13 I guess. I actually came to know about these “Frienemies” very recently. I started noticing no matter how much I take care of my hair they seem to appear dull, lumpy and unmanageable. I have had 3 sitting of rebonding/smoothing over a period of 5 years followed by 3 sitting of hair colour dipping and uncountable hair spas with twice a week conditioning. That sounds a lot of work for my medium length voluminous hair!!

What is over conditioning?

Everytime you apply dollop of conditioner to hair after shampoo a layer of product is build up on hair. Imagine that layer when you are using conditioner twice a week since 12 years?! This keeps building as you use the product and reduces the hair’s ability to react or absorb any other product like conditioners,oils, elixirs or even hair dye. Which makes you think that particular product is not working for you and it goes on.


How to spot if you have over conditioned your hair?

  • Your hair will appear oily even right after wash
  • Hair will weigh down
  • They will loose volume
  • They become pricky and difficult to style

How to reduce affects of over conditioning?

  • Once a week use clarifying shampoo
  • Ditch your conditioner once in a while if you can manage
  • Apply oil and leave over night
  • Avoid using leave-in conditioners
  • Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar and water in 1:2 ratio, once a month
  • Apply conditioner only on half of the length of your hair.

Often we mistake over conditioning for deep conditioning. It is very important to look for above signs to save your hair from damage in time.

Do let me know in the comments below if you have experienced similar issues with your hair.



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