Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter Pressed Powder

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Becca as a brand is known for their amazing highlighters which they also call skin perfecters. They have wide range of pressed powders and liquid illuminators. I have been wanting to try their amethyst highlighter since it was launched but unfortunately it was out of stock so i bought this highlighter in shade Opal. 

Price- $38

Product Description

A best-selling creamy highlighter powder to light up the features you love with a high-shine finish.

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These highlighters comes in a round compact type sturdy packaging with brand name embossed on top of it. closure is sturdy and locks well, so you can easily carry it around in your bag without having to worry about opening and shimmering your bag instead of your face.  They also have mirror inside which makes it easy to use while travelling. 

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My Experience

My love for highlighters is little over the top and i was so excited to get my hands on it. When i swatched it on my inner wrist, it immediately blended with my skin tone. I couldn’t have been happier. As the name suggest it has micro shimmering granules which gives beautiful glow when wore on cheeks and chin. Texture wise it is creamy and powdery so it stays put on your face for long time and does not fall off at all. Color Opal has warm copper tones which suits my skin tone and blends in effortlessly.

I believe this colour Opal is more suitable for Indian skin tones rather Amethyst which has purplish tones. I guess going off shelves has worked in my favour and i am very happy with my purchase.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about this product?


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