11 Must Follow Summer Beauty Tips


Summers are officially here. Temperature rising to 41 degrees it is almost impossible to step out in this weather. It is also that time of the year when you can don the most stylish sun dresses with minimal yet quirky accessories, but what’s stoping you? Sun damage? Sweat? Excessive heat? Don’t you worry! We have compiled a list of handy checklist which you must consider before stepping your foot outside in sun. Read on:

1.  Keep yourself hydrated. This is very important for your body and skin to keep it hydrated at all times. Try & carry a water bottle whenever possible

2.  Keep your makeup light. Go for Cushion foundations, they are light in consistency and gives you sheer coverage. They also have SPF and act as a second skin.

3.  To keep your lipstick stay in place for hours without having to re-apply, apply foundation on your lips before and flaunt that brightest shade of pink on your lips like a boss!!


4.  While plunging into that pool, spray on a layer of leave in conditioner on your scalp to save your hair from chlorine damage.

5.  In order to reduce number of steps in your makeup routine, use primer with SPF.

6.  Deep condition your hair once a week by applying hair oil one hour before shampoo and apply mild conditioner.

7.  Always keep loose powder in your bag for touch ups and to get away easy-peasy with excess sebum on your face.

8.  Your lips can get sunburnt too! apply sunscreen on your lips or else use a lip balm with SPF.

9.  Go for spray sunscreens, they are easy to apply and blends effortlessly.

10. Include Vitamin C in your diet. It is known to help slow down cell damage, keeping your skin less prone to pigmentation issues and wrinkles.

11.  Keep your skin hydrated with Rose water spray or Jasmine facial mist.

This checklist comes in real handy for me to pack my summer essentials. Do let me know in comments section what you do to save yourself from summer heat.


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