Heading for Hills this Summer? Keep this checklist handy

As the temperature rising to its glory, most of us will be heading for hills in the lap of Mother Nature. It can be exciting as you trek up hills in Himachal while half of us burn to hell here. Under this excitement it is possible that you miss out on couple of essential things. Hence, I have come up with list of few essential which I never forget to carry whenever I am heading for vacation on Hills. You can bookmark this for your reference.


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1. Gear

  • Good Shoes– I am sure if you are trekking lover you must know the importance of good shoes. A pair of shoes can make or break your trekking experience. Make sure you buy them in accordance with the activities planned. Look for shoes which have firm sole and better grip. Extra pair of socks never hurts though.
  • Tents– If you are going to stay at hill top after trekking make sure you carry your own Tents. Tents at hilltop can be unhygienic as well as they only have limited number of them stored up, so Why take the risk? Carry your own.
  • Shades– Sunlight on hills is brighter than on plain. It is advisable to keep comfortable pair of sunglasses for eye protection.
  • Sleeping Bags– Similar to tents invest in a good quality sleeping bags. I am sure you might not want to sneak in to a bag which was used by thousand other people, And who are we kidding! rented bags are never cleaned. Eeeks!
  • Clothing– It is important to check weather before hand. Thanks to Weather App! and pack accordingly. You don’t want to sit in front of bonfire all night shivering to death. I generally pack clothes which I can layer rather keeping one or two heavy ones. This way I can layer up or layer down according to comfort. Also I make sure all my layers are pure cotton so that my skin can breath as well. Obviously last layer will be a winter jacket or similar.


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2. Food & Beverages

  • Dry Food– Again food is mostly available at hilltop, but it is always good to pack some dry snacks. You might not know how much time it will take you to trek up. There is a variety of dry snacks available in market these days. Be it dry fruits, dehydrated fruits or granola bars etc.
  • Water– Carrying water can be an added weight while trekking. It is advisable to carry 2 litres of water per person because trekking can be really exhausting activity. Also keep some glucose sachets to drink at regular intervals.

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3. Essentials

  • First Aid– It is very important to keep first aid with you for emergencies. It should include antiseptic ointment, antacid, band aids, cotton swabs, anti headache, mouth candies, gauge pads and sanitisers.
  • Toiletry Supplies– We know you can not pack your full size toiletries while camping. In this case what I do is use lens kit to pack small amount of my toothpaste, face wash, face creams etc. For shampoo I use travel size bottles. Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen with SPF over 35.
  • Insect Repellent– In lap of Mother Nature = In lap of a lot of insects. You are highly likely to get insect bites on hilly areas, hence it is advisable to keep insect repellents with you. I use Forest Essential Herb Infused Insect Repellent for outings.
  • Batteries– Obviously you’ll carry your Camera to capture those beautiful snow covered mountains, don’t forget to keep extra batteries handy.
  • Toolkit– Always prepare a toolkit keep all situations in mind. Ideally a toolkit should have Swiss army knife, lighters, pocket torches, ropes and carabiner clips.

This pretty much covers all essentials for a safe and joyful camping trip. If you think I have missed out on anything, Please comment below and let me know. Happy Camping Guys!!


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