Ere Perez Almond Oil Mascara

Recently i got to try my hands on an Australian vegan makeup brand Ere Perez, which is famous for it vegan makeup. They acquire all natural ingredients for their makeup products. Some of the best sellers include their Almond Mascara, Oat milk foundation and vegetable cheek and lip tint. I got few of these best sellers for my self and today i’ll be talking about their Almond Mascara.

IMG_1951 copy.jpg

Price– AUD 29.95

Product Description

Endorsed by beauty editors, this best-seller is the original natural mascara that launched the Ere Perez range. Smudge-proof, water resistant and made with the highest quality ingredients. Super organic almond oil strengthens and lengthens lashes, prevents lashes from falling out and stimulates growth with conditioning vitamin E. Perfect for sensitive eyes and contact lenses. Be kind to your eyes and choose this all-natural mascara with no chemicals or synthetic ingredients. Get glossy black lashes, naturally!

IMG_1954 copy.jpg


Every product comes in a sleek and clean white cardboard packaging. This mascara tube is all white and just brand name is mentioned on the bottle with silver colour which gives it a very clean look, all other informationn is mentioned on outer cardboard box. The wand is long enough to coat all my lashes at once. the bristles are smaller at the tip and longer on the other side of the wand which beautifully coats lashes.

IMG_1956 copy.jpg

My Experience

When i came across this brand i was amazed by the range of products they have and ingredients are pretty innovative. I mean makeup with nourishment. What else a girl wants?!

This mascara is loaded with organic almond oil and vitamin E which helps strengthens lashes and stimulates growth. And guess what?! Its true. I haven’t really seen lengthening in my lashes but it definitely stops them from falling out. Whenever i remove my eye makeup i use to see couple of lash hair coming out with mascara and i use to feel so bad. With this mascara not a single fall out. Anyway vitamin E is said to work wonders for your eyes. I also wear contact lenses, so sometimes clumps of mascara get into my eyes while applying on lower lashes, this mascara is so smooth in its texture that their is no clumping whatsoever. It is not runny in consistency but not clumpy or heavy as well and it does not have any smell plus it does not smudge and stay in lace for good 5-6 hours. I was so impressed by its first look. This has become my go to mascara. I use it everyday without any regrets. For my night look i still use thickening  mascara from L.A. Girl because it is not highly thickening, but best for everyday use. I will definitely recommend this.


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