Tarte Unicorn Magical Wand Brush Set

So Today I’ll be reviewing a much awaited product in my vanity – Tarte Magical Wand Brush Set. They were launched in April 2017 and since then I was trying to get my hands on these brushes so badly that i cant tell. Unfortunately they were not available in India so i had to try even harder to get them. Finally i got them from a Instagram seller and i am so happy. Lets get into the review and know more about this.

IMG_2838 copy.jpg

Price– USD36

Product Description

A rainbow-hued collection of brushes inspired by unicorns. Bring your makeup dreams to life with these full-sized, totally insta-grammable brushes shaped like unicorn horns. The fluffy pink brush sweeps on foundation and blush like a dream, while the blue and green ones blend and pack on eyeshadow to fairytale perfection. The dense magenta brush is ideal for contouring, and the purple one for blending liquids and creams to create endless magical looks. Each ultra-plush pastel brush is made with with vegan bristles.

IMG_2837 copy.jpg


I can go on and on talking about packaging. They come in a cardboard box which gives you a unicorn feel with its pleasant colour scheme with the picture of brushes printed on it. When open you pull out this super cute purple butter paper with unicorns printed all over it. Tarte had me at these unicorns already. Securely wrapped inside this paper comes utterly beautiful to die for 5 brushes. Each having its own usage, which I will explain later. I think tarts could have given a pouch or a box for these brushes given the price of the set. It could have been lot easier to store them, because of course you don’t want them to get dirty at any cost. Well i do have brush box so doesn’t really matter. They are travel friendly given you carry them in a secure box or pouch.

My Experience

Each brush is used for different steps in makeup. They have unicorn shaped golden stick which differs in size as per density of the brush. I wanted them to be metal to be more sturdy but it is made of plastic. But thats fine too otherwise brushes would have been more heavy and difficult to work with. All brushes are pretty dense and easy to work with. Lets get to there individual usage.


IMG_2845 copy.jpg

Magenta Contour Brush: create the perfect contour, strobe or highlight with dense, flat bristles. This one looks purple to me more than magenta but anyway. It picks u the product in right amount and gives a really subtle highlight.

IMG_2843 copy.jpg

Pink Powder Brush: apply just the right amount of foundation or finishing powder for an airbrushed look. This one is dry products only brush because of its dome shape. I use it for baking only. It picks very little amount of the product.

IMG_2850 copy.jpg

Green Blending Shadow Brush: defines the crease while blending out harsh lines. This one is for blending eye shadow or under eye concealer. I use it for eye shadow only and blends well. It picks perfect amount of the product.

IMG_2853 copy.jpg

Blue Shading Eyeshadow Brush: pack on base shadows and soften around your crease. This one perfect for inner corners and lid application. Gives a rich colour payoff while using glitter eye shadows.

IMG_2849 copy.jpg

Purple Liquid Foundation Brush: pick up and apply cream or liquid foundations and primers with dense, fluffy bristles. I use this one for buffing in my foundation and contour. It makes blending super easy.IMG_2839 copy.jpg


All I all i love each and every brush and they are easy to clean as well. I give these a big thumbs up. I am very happy to have these.



4 thoughts on “Tarte Unicorn Magical Wand Brush Set

  1. These are so so pretty, and I can tell why you could have gone on about the packaging as it is gorgeous! These brushes soon lovely x


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