About Me


Hi Beauties,

I am Subhanshi Ghorlej, a 25 year old working and living in New Delhi. I have a degree in MBA, Marketing and International Business. Professionally I am a Client Servicing Manager with Delhi based Advertising Agency. I am really inclined towards Photography, love watching Youtube videos, and I am a sucker for Victoria’s Secret products (I’ll be reviewing them too! <3)

It took me quiet sometime to realise that i wish to get into blogging and share my personal experiences from beauty and cosmetics industry. Easy availability and never ending variety of beauty products has made it really a pain when it comes to choosing a product right for your skin and requirements. Trust me i know that pain, and thats why i am here to help you decide with your purchase by sharing my experiences.

If you wish to contact me, just drop an email at subhanshighorlej@yahoo.in or find me on Facebook or Instagram. Plus! I’d love to hear your views on various products, so do leave a comment.